Ponoi river – unparallel but affordable salmon fishing

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Salmon Junkies runs two different programs on the Ponoi and they are spread on a scale from luxury camps to wildlife-salmon expeditions and all guarantee you an unforgettable fishing adventure. Ponoi river Acha camp Acha camp is our core program on the Ponoi, situated just upstream the well known Ryabaga-stretch with camp at the junction where Acha River enters the Ponoi. Fishing the beautiful lower pools in Acha River is included in this program.

The fishing at Acha camp is very reliable and in June/July Acha camp will produce in this period around 2500 – 2800 Salmon, and roughly 42% of them will be multi sea winter fish. Weekly we operate 10 rods with one guide and boat pr. 2 rods.

The Ponoi River at Acha Camp is an easy river to handle physically, thus allowing you to direct your energy towards the fishing rather than getting to or from your fishing spots. No matter whether you are a fit youngster or an “old hardcore salmon angler”, who has put in his fishing hours – Ponoi will feed your wildest dreams and never let you down. The character of the watershed and its origin provides effective fishing through virtually any weather or water-level condition.

Ponoi offers the best of two worlds; a wonderful combination of great numbers of salmon with attractive sizes up to 18 – 25 lbs. In addition to liberal hours of guided fishing each day, there is unlimited productive fishing right at your doorstep at the Junction Home pool – probably the best and most productive pool in the entire Ponoi system – or why not some hot action in Ponoi best tributary – the small and very productive Acha River, which almost literately runs through the Acha camp.

The comforts of the cosy Acha Camp; the comfortable wooden huts with electrically and wood heated stove, and a relaxed and warm camp atmosphere, provides a welcome respite each day you are there – Better accommodation is impossible to find on Ponoi

The aesthetics of the fishing – fish as you prefer, whether wading and casting from the bank casting or fish from a boat. This combination of methods accommodates weather variables, different water levels, and your ability to cast or wade.

Daily schedule in Acha camp

08:00 AM     Breakfast

09:00 AM     Guides take clients to boats for day’s fishing

14:00 PM     Lunch on the river or camp depending on the rotation schedule

18:30 PM     Lines up

19:00 PM    Appetizer served

20:00 PM    Dinner

21:00 PM Fishing after dinner is usually free around camp, under the command of the camp manager. If the group wishes or if the manager find it necessary there will be made up a schedule for evening fishing.


When you have passed through the Russian Passport and cleared the customs, you will be greeted by Salmon Junkies representative, and guided to a nearby place in the airport where you will have to wait for the group to be completed. Approximately 12.30 P.M. you be guided to a waiting Helicopter in the Airport area

The flight to Ponoi takes roughly 2 ½ hours with a small “pit stop” (refuelling) in Lavozero – In Lavozero you will find most of the native people from Kola Peninsula gathered. These native tribes called Lapps are strongly linked to the North Scandinavian Samish people and their culture. Photographing under the whole Journey is allowed except in the Murmansk Airports.

The refuelling stop in Lavozero will takes approx. 15 Minutes and after that, we bee heading Ponoi directly.


This is how you would be spending your week at Ponoi

Saturday Day 1: Arrive in Russia / Murmansk (MMK). Approx 3 hours Helicopter ride from Murmansk to Ponoi – Arriving to the camp fishing will be possible Saturday evening / night under the command of the Salmon Junkie camp manager

Sunday Day 2: Salmon fishing

Monday Day 3: Salmon fishing

Tuesday Day 4: Salmon fishing

Wednesday Day 5: Salmon fishing

Thursday Day 6: Salmon fishing

Friday Day7: Salmon fishing

Saturday Day 8: Leaving Acha camp camp morning 07.30 AM – Arrive MMK. Approx 10.00 AM in order to catch the flight to Helsinki.

ACHA EXPLORE TRAVEL ITINERARY – New for Acha river explore 2010 – One extra day of exclusive fishing on the Acha Camp beats SaturdayThis is how you will spend your week fishing Acha Explore

Friday Day 1: Our representative will pick you up at your hotel and escort you to a bus taking the whole group to Lavozero. The bus journey will take approx. 3 hours. In Lavozero the group will be taken by helicopter to Ponoi/Acha River – The Helicopter ride will take approx. one and a half hour with a small stop at the Acha camp – There will be fishing at the top part of the Acha river Friday evening.

Saturday Day 2: Salmon fishing / top camp Acha river

Monday Day 3: Salmon fishing / top camp Acha river

Tuesday Day 4: Salmon fishing / top camp Acha river

Wednesday Day 5: Salmon fishing / Lower camp Acha river

Thursday Day 6: Salmon fishing / Lower camp Acha river

Friday Day 7: Salmon fishing / Lower camp Acha river – Friday evening arrival at the  Acha main camp

Saturday Day 8: Fishing Acha main camp – Leaving Acha camp at approx. 6 pm in the evening. Arrival at Murmansk airport at approx. 9 pm. Transport to Murmansk hotels is available.

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