Awesome Umba Week 37

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A perfect week where all in the group experienced the magic moment when a really big salmon take the fly in a poweful turn and both lines and lungs are stretched.

The mixed group of “hard-core” Umba fishermen (and ladies) found the the umba in perfect shape. Autumn glowing trees, low and ginclear water and a very inspiring run of fresh biggies.

Our dear lady houseguest Mrs.Gillian Clarke from england was heading for the adventure right away and before long she was testing her new evotec LW reel on a 31 lb. monster in homepool.  The “lady-salmon thing” was once again proved when Gillian twisted out another 22 lb. fish from the homepool and as if this wasn’t enough she caught another pair of twenties before the week was over !!

The male fishermen of the week where soon to pick up the challenge and the French salmonfisherman Jacque Montupet where tied up with a handfull of high doubles before he could face his fish of the week a magnificent 27 pounder.

The Tornquist family experienced some very hot episodes in the Krivetz. A fine row of fres and sealiced fish where comming to their hands, but the bigges adventure evovled when Nils-Erik hooked a 27 pounder that really wanted to go back to the White Sea. Nils-Erik, his son Måns and their Guide young Sergei had to chase the creature half a kilometer downstream and Nils had to pass the rod to Måns a couple of times so he could regain his breath and strength. When the fish was finally ready and the silvery body was passing over the frame, the fly lost its grip ! exitement to the last second and Swedish teamwork at its best !

Total no Salmon: 108

No. rods: 10

Salmon between 10-14Lbs:14

Salmon between 15-19Lbs: 25

Salmon between 20-24Lbs: 8

Salmon between 25-29Lbs: 2

Salmon between 30-34Lbs:1

Top fly: Billy butt, Red Butt, Undertaker, Green Highlander

Biggest Salmon: Mrs Gillian Clarke 31 lb. fresh Home pool

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