Umba – The Luxembourg Salmon Club – Week 31

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Moving into the month of august, Krivetz expectations was building up seriously and the suspension was released in some powerful events during this week.

The Luxembourg Salmon Club was returning to the Umba and the team was completed with German globetrotter-couple Peter and Corinne and Swedish Johan “snus” Wikström. Dropping temperatures and unsteady weather made fishing on the Umba and especially in the Krivetz next to perfect and Albert Wagener started off with 5 fish landed and 2 lost on the Island pool beat the first day. The German couple passed that by landing 12 salmon including two 18 pounders on their first Krivetz-tour. Most of the Luxembourgers preferred the comfortable fishing on the Lower Umba – leaving the Krivetz for the young and strong. Abbat and George enjoyed a dramatic morning in the Lower Rat pool where a bunch of fresh fish queued up to take their flies. 6 strong salmon were landed between the two salmon gentlemen and George his best singlehand fishing ever on this occasion, landing a magnific 18 lb. fighting machine.

The lonesome Swede was steadily dunking the numbers with his doublehand rod and when he walked up the Krivetz on Wednesday his steps where determinate. Golden pool was his destination and from a strategic point he patiently knocked the big-fish-backdoor ! Several Biggies were answering and before long Johan was shaking hand and tail with a beautiful 20 + pounder. The Krivetz story was yet to be completed as Peter and Corinne made the effort to walk the whole stretch on the final fishingday. Their reward was very evident when they returned to the Lodge for packing up. 12 salmon landed including 6 fish of 15, 16, 17 and 2 x 18 lb.- pure magic – The Krivetz once again proved itself as an ultimate and rewarding salmon-challenge.

Water temp: 14-18C

Air Temp: 11-18C

Total fish: 110 Salmon

No. rods: 8

Salmon between 10-14Lbs: 19 Salmon

Salmon between 15-19Lbs: 18 Salmon

Salmon between 20-24Lbs: 3 Salmon

Top fly: Billy butt, Red Butt

Top rod: Johan Wikström and Peter Spreyer 20 salmon

Biggest salmon: George Shcnell  21 lb.

20 x 20: Johan Wikström and Peter Spreyer both 20/20 Club members

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