“Frasik Favourite” salmon fly from Rafal – A “HOT” and nice-looking classic salmon fly

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Hi Steffen
Hereby one of the absolutely best and most effective salmon fly we have used on Kola Peninsula during the last years. The name of this killer is “Frasik Favourite” as it is a favourite fly of my good friend Leszek Frasik.
Leszek won some years ago the World Championship in fly-fishing. Leszek has also been working as guide on Orkla river. One the photo you see my version of this great fly. However it looks still look like the original Leszek’s fly.

The fly has been very successful in Norway and Kola. A great around salmon fly

Frasik Favourite

Tag : Gold tinsel
Butt : Orange floss & black ostrich
Tail : Orange floss
Body : fl. chartreuse floss (this is essential)
Rib : Small Gold Tinsel
U/Wing : Yellow polar bear (or something else)
Top Wing : Black Arctic Marble Fox , two strands of pearl crystal hairs
Hackle : Yellow cock


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