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Brian wrote to me yesterday “This fly is from my Bisam Rat series. Chartreuse works really good for salmon in many Danish rivers, as well in Swedish Em River and Mørrum. My guess will be, this fly will trick the salmon in Umba and Ponoi as well”

“The Rat” Chartreuse

Tube: MicroTube green
Butt: ProConeDisc small
Body: Mirage opal tinsel and a mix of AngelHair chartreuse, icedub limegreen and Angelflash limegreen
Wing:Chartreuse Bisam Rat
Hackle: Chartreuse henback
Fronthackle: Olive/Chartreuse Ringneck
Cheeks: Junglecock from breeding dyed
Head: Black

Brian SalmonJunkie and ProTeam member

Check this story about a new and very innovative tube system from Denmark

This must be one of the most innovative tube systems ever

The last ten years development within flyfishing rods, reels and lines have been tremendous, and is has never been easier to fish effectively in almost any kind of water, and at any depth. Of course the most important parameter for success is that the fly is fishing at the right depth and at the right speed, but in my opinion the second most important thing is the way the fish sees our fly and what signals it sends. The fish doesn’t care what rod, reel or line we use. The only thing it sees or feel is the fly. It needs to be as lively as a small fish, send the right amount of vibrations, and have a combination of colors that will provoke the fish to take. In other words, it needs to send the right vibe.

After fishing for more than 20 years for salmon and sea trout, I created the concept about a system that would be of extremely high unprecedented quality, innovative in design and production methods, efficient in all possible and impossible fishing situations all over the globe, easy to use, and with the possibility to combine and add components accordingly to the situation you where facing at the river, and what vibe you want the fly to send.

When we started designing the Pro Tubefly System™ one thing was clear from the beginning. If we were to move forward and develop an innovative hi tech tube system, we had to leave the old way of thinking regarding extruded tubing. Anybody can buy tubing on big bulk spools in Asia and sell it in 1 meter pieces at extreme prices, and this has up until now been the only option. The answer was injection moulded tubes, and this opened up a whole new world of possibilities regarding design and optimization of tube construction. In 2007 the first mould was finished and now we really found out why it was never done before. How could something that looked so simple, be so hard to manufacture? It took several moulds and more than 2 years of struggle to solve the technical problems in making such a long thin tube, but finally we managed to make the ultimate tubesystem. The Pro Flexitube System™, a series of 4 tubes in different lengths and with a specially designed weight system which allow you to weigh the body of the fly without increasing the diameter of the body. We also added a small Pro Microtube™ series with uniquely designed weights to accommodate the new Scandinavian “short body” style of flies.

The big and ever expanding weight and Add on system is in a class of its own. Everything is designed to match across the entire system, and optimized by the help of CAD (computer aided design) to give the tier absolute freedom of creation. It is just to mount and tie without hassle.

We plan to launch three series of tubes during 2010 and several new weight options so visit our website to get the latest news.

It has been a long hard way to get there, and we are not at the end yet. I am not sure that we will ever get there, but we are well on the way. New ideas about  tube systems and weight design  is emerging as the international  Proteam of skilled anglers from all over the world come together and discuss the possibilities the new production methods is providing, and constantly spawn new ideas. A special Pro saltwater tube series™ is on the drawing board along with other projects.

It is my hope you will join us and discover the wonderful world of fishing the tubeflies.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to send me a mail at :

Morten Bundgaard

Managing director

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