Umba – Week 34

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Awesome northern light-shows and a gentle scent of frost in the morning. Two twenties and a mighty thirty out of Office pool. The Umba game was on !

The nasty northern wind gradually eased off and turned east – pushing along the south coast of the Kola peninsula towards the Umba estuary.

The lodge embraced a group of Umba regulars, including American Lee Hartman who was among the very first to fish the Umba in the beginning of the nineties.

So Lee fished “his” river with confidence and the result was inevitable success. Four high doubles between 15 and 18 lb. a good twenty from the Krivetz inlet Golden pool and topped by a 23 lb. beauty from Office pool. Knowing Lee’s passion for the sport it must be said that these numbers hardly reveals Mr. Hartmans true outcome of the week !

The American duo Bob Orth and George Nikitovich did not stand back and Bob was really filling the cup with a wild 26 lb. jumper in Long pool who launched off a series of 9 high jumps during the fight. Meanwhile George was testing his new Yellow line rod on salmon after salmon up to 18 lb. Krivetz was the favored area but the Lower Umba also delivered. Bob caught one of the finest fish of  the week in the steady flow of Brads pool – an immaculate 19 lb. silver fresh salmon.

Lady of the week Mona Baeckström joined her husband on a fishing trip for the first time and she was pushing both her tackle and the tolerance of her husband. 15 salmon up to 16 lb. was her final score and once again the supernatural Women/salmon phenomenon was proved.

The other Umba first timer David Prescott also had his hands full when he hooked a biggie in office pool. The fight seemed to last for ever and David’s powerful flyrod seemed like a well cooked spaghetti stick. Finally the fish surrendered and the exhausted David could lift up a sparkling 23 pounder.

Our Argentinean Umba house “troll” Victor Rubilar stayed on for another week – and yes – another 20 x 20 badge was squeezed out of the managers pouch. Victor was obviously fished in and he managed no less than 25 fish for the week including 6 doubles between 15 and 17 lb. and rounded of by a giant Office pool monster all of 30 lb. Luckily the biggie was sensible enough to stay in the pool. Knowing Victor there is little doubt that he would have launched his life vest and dived straight into the rapids after the fish – had it gone downstream !

Water temp. 10-13C.

air temp. -1-+20 C.

Total fish. 107 Salmon

No. rods. 10

Salmon between 10-14lbs 20

Salmon between 15-19 lbs.19

Salmon between 20-24lbs. 3

Salmon between 25-29 lbs.1

Salmon between 30-34 lbs 1

Top fly:Francis,Billy Butt, Red Butt

Top rod:Victor Rubilar 25 salmon

Biggest salmon: Victor Rubilar 30 lb.

20 x 20 member: Victor Rubilar 25/30

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