Really “HOT” flies from Danish Fly tier Brian Størup – World class Salmon flies tied on the new inovative Pro Tubefly System™

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The SilverGhost is a very good fly in the morning. And all day when the light is bright and water is claer like gin… I fish the fly fast, soo the Salmon only see it in a feew seconds, just like a Ghost. That will trick any fresh salmon


Tube: Pro FlexiTube 40/10 Silver
Weight: FlexiWeight 10mm
Tag: Mini Flatbraid silver
Butt: Fl. Orange Antron
Tail: Fl. Orange Flouro Fibre
Body: Flatbraid HoloSilver, First half
Body: A mix of Icedub blue – AngelHair IceBlue and Angelflash KingFisher blue
UnderWing: White Marble fox and DNA fibre light blue
MidleWing: Grey Marblefox and AngelHair Rainbow
TopWing: Grey Marblefox
Fronthackle: White Henback
Sides: Jungle Cock from breeding dyed Hot Red
Head: ProSoftDisc 8mm Silver

“Easyrabbit” Dirty Mickey F – tied by Brian Størup – Denmark

Pro Micro tube Yellow

Thread:  White 12/0

Butt Pro ConeDic Small Silver or Yellow

Body: Mini-flatBraid Silver and Angel Flash Silver, holo silver angel hair and silver Ice dub

Middlewing:  Dirty Yellow Rabbit and Angel Hair, Red

Fronthackle 1: Yellow Henback, Orange speyplumes or Softhackle

Fronthackle 2: Yellow Henback

Sides: Jungle Cock from Breeding

Head Pro Softdisc Yellow

Add on Pro Hookguide small yellow

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