Kola Veteran Rafał Kamiński shares his secrets

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Hi Steffen

Hereby my “secret “ summer flies (now it is not that secret anymore)
As you can see it is a very small version of a very successful patterns – The Cascade but in some untraditional colours
I have found it extremely successful in low water condition. During many season in Russia I was testing all the usual flies, like small Stoat Tails, Red Butt, Green Butt etc. – but most of the time they came out with poor result.

On a trip to Russia we where sitting tying some small flies for the next day fishing. Unfortunately I ran out of small hooks. During our night fly-tying session I manage to find some Ken Sawada tube double hooks we could use
During the next days these flies became a real winner – and clearly these small flies was attacked far more aggressively than in bigger sizes – don’t ask my why??

The Sawada hooks is strong enough to fight with giant……..the hook have prove that several times since than! Last time on a +25lbs Fish



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