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We have just launched our new design, which makes it a lot easier to navigate and read our many informative articles. We have also converted our movies into HD, all crystal clear now, even in full screen mode. Please take a look, pretty cool. Furthermore we have added 2 new movies from Ponoi and Umba.  Nice footage to watch in a cold period.

For those of you who have already booked your dream trip to Kola, you should consider purchasing your flights now, there is definitely some money to save. Speaking of saving; for all of you still considering this year’s hunt for chrome and high numbers, you should consider the spring/summer weeks in Ponoi. It’s really unsurpassed in all perspectives and the price is unbeatable ranging from 3,000-4,000 EUR.

Ponoi without doubt offers the best salmon fishing in the world, because the composition of size and numbers is unsurpassed. There are certainly rivers with larger salmon, but it is the unique combination of size and numbers that makes Ponoi very special. Over the last 8 years 42 % of the salmon have been over 10 lbs.

The fishing starts in late May, when the usual spring flood is running off and the white polar nights normally create euphoric and exiting fishing. Maximizing this year hunt for chrome with your budget in mind you should definitely consider Ponoi in the spring or the summer weeks, where some guests actually have landed +100 fish.

Some days ago I found a hand written report I wrote during the season of 2007. In spite of the short and straightforward text it tells what you can expect for 3,000 EUR chasing spring chromers in the world famous Ponoi river – Better fishing is impossible to find!

Fish report 2007 – Last week in May

I’m sitting in my warm cosy Hut in Acha camp, browsing through some of the many extraordinary moments I have eye witnessed, during our first week in Ponoi /Acha camp this season 2007 – what a superb week in spite of two pretty windy days during the week.

The water level combined with good air /water temperatures gave the group some extraordinary good conditions on most of the days, and everyone in the group landed a lot of salmon – Ponoi must be beyond any doubt a genuine Salmon paradise.

The group was a blend of Scandinavians and European anglers containing both veterans and “Ponoi first-timers”.  Our good friend and “Kola” veteran Gilbert Piters and Franco Sitori nailed almost 70 salmon between them with some real whoppers close to twenty pounds.

The Danish “Salmon Mafia” represented by Bo Bengtsson and Kåre Lundquist managed also to beach nearly 70 salmon between them – Kåre Lundquist became “Godfather” of the week, landing two magnificent plus twenty pounds fish. Friday afternoon Kåre lost a huge Salmon that stripped his ATH. Reel for 150 of backing line in just under one and a half minute – what a fish that must have been!!

Another Kola veteran – Thomas Erlandsson from Sweden managed to land more than 60 Salmon alone and became “Top rod” of the week. The Swedish Kola opportunist Anders Wolmar manage to land in one afternoon 8 Salmon with 3 Salmon between 15 and 18 lbs. Anders’s fantastic fishing took part just beside the camp in our beautiful Acha river – well done Anders!

Water Temp: 6 – 9 C.
Air Temp: 7- 24 C.
Total fish: 281
No. rods: 10
Salmon between 10-14 lbs. – 31 Salmon
Salmon between 15-19 lbs. – 10 Salmon
Salmon between 19 24 lbs – 4 Salmon

Top fly: Billy Butt, Red Butt size 2-6 – Tubes – Thunder & Lightning a´la Temple Dog

Top rod: Thomas Erlandsson with 62 salmon + 1 salmon 21 lbs

Biggest Salmon: Kåre Lundquist 22 lbs. and 20 lbs. – Thomas Erlandsson 21 lbs. – Anders Wolmar 20 lbs.

Uhhh what a week…..Ponoi Ponoi Ponoi….

Hope to see you out there!

Happy weekend

Steffen Juhl

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