Ponoi – Best Spring fishing for Chrome Steel

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The fishing starts in late may when the usual spring flood is running of and the white polar nights normally create a euphoric and exhausting fishing trance among our guests. Thousands of Salmon starts there run these first weeks, so you are guaranteed a high numbers of salmon – these first weeks represent the best available spring fishing in the world for salmon

Spring fishing

As May moves into June we see a period that must be considered prime time. The fishing is extremely reliable as both the over wintering non-spawners and fresh fish from the sea start to respond to the increasing temperatures and steadily dropping water. If wind and weather also plays along these are weeks where the salmon-ceiling is popped of like corks from our Russian champagne.

Some guests have had up to 100 fish in June and we are not talking grilse on a string. The ratio salmon to grilse is about 2:1.

The fishing is mostly carried out with double hand rods and the usual choice of line would be intermediate or slow sinking, but as soon as you face a day of good rising temperature it will be very smart to get the floater sorted out and start to fish faster.

Available weeks

22/5 – 29/5

29/5 – 5/6

Summer fishing

As June moves into July the summer will manifest itself with high-pressure weather and sunshine sometimes 24 hours pr. day.

Needles to say that these conditions will can affect the fishing, but you may be astonished to hear that it sometimes can improve catches. Dryfly tactics is very worthwhile and it can be absolutely essential in July

The amount of fish on our beats is probably peaking in July and the reason why the catch pr. rod is a bit higher in June is probably that weather and temperature is more suitable for the salmon to get hooked. Regarding the fish – two major things happen during July. We see an increase in fresh grilse so that the salmon to grilse ration moves towards 1:1 But we also face some of the over wintering fish that are bound to stay in the river for 1,5 years before spawning and you will not be in doubt when you hook one of them. Being up to 25 % heavier pr. length these bombs will make your lower jaw smack the bank.

The average summer-salmon will be between 7 and 15 lb. but every week there will be landed some bigger fish – usually males, sometimes well over 20 lb.

Available weeks

5/6 – 12/6
12/6 – 19/6
19/6 – 26/6
26/6 – 3/7
3/7 – 10/7
10/7 – 17/7
17/7 – 24/7
24/7 – 31/7

The Ponoi fishing is normally not demanding heavy tackle!

There are no waterfalls or brute runs where you cannot follow a “distance-runner” and there is few places where distance-casting is a must so unless you have your own fitness reasons. But let us admit it – Spey casting is a blast

Lighter double hand outfit 12 ½’ to 13 ½’ #8/9 or medium single hand rod is the right choice and will both be the most effective, pleasurable and gentle for your back and shoulders.

Regarding lines it is always wise to bring both floating intermediate and sinking – even in summer – not that you will need more than a floater most of the season – but you never know when you meet a wind, water or weather situation where it would give you an extra edge to make the effort and change line maybe even for just a couple of hours or less! And honestly – a couple of back-up lines in you pocket won’t make you sweat?

See you out there


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