Umba bolognaise

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Read this small report form Umba – this is what Umba is all about

From all directions came cries of “Mamma Mia” from the Italian group as the big Umba autumn Salmon had their reels screaming, there Barb less hooks straightening out like violin strings! HA HA – Joking apart – of the 151 Salmon that week, 80 were over 10 lbs. 16 over 20 lbs. And 6 over magnificent 30 lbs.

This was the week where tales of all the lost “crocodiles” echoed around the wine bottles and spaghetti plates at evening times” – what a week.

The biggest Umba salmon that year was also caught this week (the records still stands) weighting 39 ½ lbs (sea lice) – it was caught in Home pool by Mr. Juhl – and the fly – guess – a Black Francis size 8 fished on a floating line – the week after the same fly gave me a 31 lbs.

Air temp. 10 – 18 C.

Water temp. 10 – 11C.

Total Salmon:151 Salmon

No of rods: 10

Top rod: Angelo Garibaldi. Italy – 19 Salmon

Top weight: Mr. Juhl. 39 ½ lbs. And Sergio Botacchi. Italy – 39 Lbs.

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