The Jaba shrimp from Rafał Kamiński

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We have just received this wonderful story from our friend Rafał Kamiński – another hot Salmon fly from Rafał

The story of this pattern is just five years old.
A good friend of me was fishing Kola Peninsula for the first time brought a self tied fly that looked pretty funny to put it in a nice way.

Honestly the Fly was really ugly, and not tied right. However the salmons didn’t care at all. During one day he caught 10 Salmon, in spite that his Shooting head was attached reverse.

After all that action the entire party wanted a copy of the new fly – Of course!

The original pattern had down and up wing from orange fox, tippet and front hackle .
During the last years we have discussed how we could create a more effective and modern versions of this fly. The patterns you find below have slightly changed during the years, but basically the fly looks like how it was born
The fly is specially successful in spring for water up 10 degree Celsius

Tail on double or treble hook – orange bucktail, I prefer raccoon dog mix wit bucktail. No flash – max 1-2 strands of crystal flask
Hook body- gold tinsel with red flos in different combinations .
Body- brass tube , we use Shumacov Skittle or long range paint in riffles on red.
Down wing – orange polar bear (raccoon dog guard hairs) covered in bigger version by small bunch of hot orange fox  , 2 strands of flash. Probably old version with only fox still works but we like blink of polar ear or raccoon dog and looks that fish also
Up wing- orange polar bear , tippets . normally we use two tippets orange and shorter hot orange
Front hackle – orange; hot orange; orange badger . in bigger version I add second hackle orange guinea fowl

Best regards

Rafał Kamiński

“Salmon fishing is not a matter of life or death, it’s more important than that.”

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