Winter momories

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Autumn signs where beginning to show and according to the old “Umbanian almanac” the run of big and fat overwintering salmon is to be expected around mid-august.

The time of arctic summer white-nights was over and the locals where eagerly browsing the rich undergrowth along the Umba river for mushrooms and berries. Another spectacular part of the long umba season was about to begin and the two Swedish guest and four French salmon-musketeers where fit for fight.

Robert Cohen was the only Umba first-timer in the crew and he came with the virgin purpose to catch his first salmon on a flyrod. Needles to say that his virginity evaporated very quickly. Many fine salmon came his way in the run of the week and on Thursday Mr. Cohen was ready to face one real deal salmon battles. A 24 lb. armed Umba warhead attacked Roberts fly in Long pool and had skating downstream on the slippery Krivetz rocks. During the next 30 minutes Robert gained valuable salmon-experience and also found the deeper meaning behind the name pool !

The three remaining musketeers had all fished the Umba a number of times before. Thierry Willems and Andre Riviere both landed a bunch of fish topped by a beautiful 18 pounder. Jacque Daussange also managed an 18 lb. fish from Doctors pool, but the peak of his week came in the dim light of early morning in the Krivetz. A silvery “six-pack” was pulled out of Long pool before breakfast – not something you see every day !

Umba grandmaster Göran Mellbring visited the Umba for the second time this season. Mr. Mellbring is known both as a skillful and very persistent salmonman and when he caught the scent of yet another 20 x 20 badge around mid-week, he launched a true artillery offensive. Göran joined the club with 22 salmon including both a 20 and a 22 pounder. True autumn-bombs with astonishing length of just 84 and 88 cm !

Göran must have passed on his special set of extra salmon-chromosomes to his son and fishing partner Johan. Following his fathers example, Johan also marched into the exclusive 20 x 20 club and topped his feat with two 18 and a 20 pounder.

Oh yes – our dear campmanager Mr. Juhl also found some time to shake his rod. In Steffens Run (of course) hen hooked what turned out to be the fish of the week and after a good run with an empty reel he could finally beach a magnificent 26 pounder on the Bar.

Surely the old Umba-almanac is not just a fairy-tale – or maybe that is exactly what it is ?

water Temp                16-18C

air Temp                     10-22 C

Total fish                     119 Salmon

No. rods                      6

10-14Lbs                     29

15-19Lbs                      7

20-24Lbs                    4

25-29Lbs                     1

Top fly                      Billy butt, Red Butt

Top rod                    Göran Mellbring 22 salmon

biggest                      Steffen Juhl  26 lb.

20 x 20 Club            Göran – and Johan Mellbring

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