Swing for the silver of Ponoi

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The Acha camp stretch contain a high number of classic pools and also access to Acha river (second largest tributary in the Ponoi river system) – for those of you who would like to skim a big Bomber or to hitch a small tube / fly over thousand of salmon – Acha camp is the place. Acha camp is situated at the junction where the very productive Acha River enters the Ponoi. As a bonus you will have possibility to walk up and fish the beautiful lowest pools in Acha River just beside the camp. For more info and photos please check under menu: Ponoi.

The amount of fish on our beats is probably peaking in July and the reason why the catch pr. rod is a bit higher in June is probably that weather and temperature is more suitable for the salmon to get hooked. Regarding the fish – two major things happen during July. We see an increase in fresh grilse so that the salmon to grilse ration moves towards 1:1 But we also face some of the over wintering fish that are bound to stay in the river for 1,5 years before spawning and you will not be in doubt when you hook one of them. Being up to 25 % heavier pr. length these bombs will make your lower jaw smack the bank.
The average summer-salmon will be between 7 and 15 lb. but every week there will be landed some bigger fish – usually males, sometimes well over 20 lb.

Low cost prices – For more information please contact me on sj@salmonjunkies.com

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