World-class salmon fishing for low cost

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I am sure that for most of you Salmon Junkies out there, January and February are some tough months, where it is a matter of survival, literally like the many Osenka salmon resting under the thick ice cover right now in Ponoi and Umba… waiting for warmer weather to continue there run to reach the spawning grounds.

Fortunately spring will soon arrive. I have been looking into our programme and handpicked some inexpensive but high value trips for you to consider for lower budget fishing. Fishing in some of the finest salmon rivers in the world, at only half to one third of the price asked by other operators on the Kola Peninsula.

Ponoi River – In Acha Camp you will find our comfortable camp located right at the awesome junction of Acha River and Ponoi River. Even in the early season the two weeks listed below will produce very high numbers of salmon. If you know how to swing a Spey rod you may already set aside two pages in your catch journal if you pick one of these two weeks.

Week 21 – 22/5 – 29/5 – Euro 3500
Week 22 – 29/5 – 5/6 – Euro 4200

Ponoi / Acha river Explore – The explorative alternative for the challenging guy, who likes a bit of sweat for his salmon!

New for 2010 – Acha River Explore – 8 days fishing – From Friday and until late afternoon Saturday. The ultimate trip for the fit Salmon Junkie, looking for inexpensive and challenging salmon fishing – Double figures are guaranteed no matter what week you choose.

Week 22 – 28/5 – 5/6 – Euro 3000
Week 23 – 4/6 – 12/6 – Euro 3000
Week 24 – 11/6 – 19/6 – Euro 3000
Week 25 – 18/6 – 26/7 – Euro 3000

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Umba River – Demanding Salmon fishing for the experienced and fit Salmon angler – The golden mix of low-priced and great Salmon fishing in the most gorgeous surroundings. No matter what time of the season you choose to come, you will encounter a week of unforgettable salmon fishing! Each part of the season encompasses its magic and lure along this wonderful forest river on the south side of the Kola Peninsula. Accommodation in the majestic Umba Lodge with single rooms. Looking for trophy salmon fishing combined with hot action along one of the prettiest river on Kola – Umba is the place

Week 25 – Umba 19/6 – 26/6 – Euro 2600
Week 26 – Umba 26/6 – 3/7 – Euro 2600
Week 27 – Umba 3/7 – 10/7 – Euro 2600
Week 34 – Umba 21/8 – 28/8 – Euro 2800
Week 35 – Umba 28/8 – 4/9 – Euro 2800

Please do not hesitate to contact me for more information – get some useful PDF information straight into your mailbox

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