Salmon Junkies “House Fly tier” Rafał Kamiński just mailed me this small story.

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Hi Steffen – Hereby the fly / patterns I caught 136 Salmon on Kola Peninsula 2008. Biggest salmon was a fresh 24 lbs from Chavanga river on the White coast close to Umba river.  Probably one of the biggest ever caught on Chawanga river

The fly is my variant of the Dee Sheep fly – the fly can of coursed be tied on Tube as well on hook

The fly is a great all-round fly that can be used almost through the entire season on Kola Peninsula

Rafał Kamiński Dee Sheep

Tail: Topping
Tag: Silver tinsel, yellow floss

Body: Black antron yarn.

Rib: Silver tinsel
Under wing: yellow arctic fox

Over wing: Black Fox

Hackle: Kingfisher blue

Thanks Rafal

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