I have just received these wonderful photos from old friend Terry Nab from Idaho fishing with us Ponoi July 2008

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Hi Steffen – I wanted to take a moment to let you know that Craig and I made it through the rest of our trip safely and returned home on schedule this past Friday morning, and to thank you again for everything that you did to help make our stay at the Pacha Camp successful and enjoyable for all of us.

Although the water level in the river was much higher than normal, maybe higher than it has ever been in July, the fishing was still very good.  I landed 38 salmon and my friend Craig landed 27.  My largest was somewhere between 18 and 20 pounds, and I had quite a few that were between 10 and 15 pounds.  I had very few that were under 6 pounds.  That was by far the best week of salmon fishing I have ever had.  My only regret for the week was that I did not get to see the true nature of the water at low level with the water being so high.  I am sure that there would be many more places to fish with normal water level and that many of them would be more fun to fish with more of the structure (ie, boulders, breaks, etc.) showing.  See the river at normal level for summer is what will drive me to return to the river as soon as possible.  That, plus being able to skate dry flies, which I really did not get the opportunity to do this trip with the high water.  I tried to skate a muddler several times in the later part of the week when the water temperature had warmed, but was not able to raise any salmon to the surface.  It seemed like they should come to the surface, but they did not, perhaps I just did not try long enough, or in the right place.

I wish I could say I was glad to be home, but I wish I were still fishing the Ponoi.

Best regards,

Terry Nab

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