Dear Santa Claus

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In spite that my basement is filled up with rods, clothe, waders etc etc, there is always some new stuff you could use for the upcoming season – As a true Salmon Junkies I simply can’t get enough flyreels, rods, fleece jackets and silly small gadgets etc. – Hmmmmmm?

I have tried to scan the tackle market, in order to find some presents for Christmas.

Dear Santa Claus – I need desperate following bits and pieces

A cool Patagonia Micro Puff Jackets, for the cold and windy days in Ponoi. It could also be useful a frosty September mornings in Umba, chasing Osenka (Fresh overwintering Salmon) – I need it in size M. – You can find it on Patagonia’s web page –

My twenty-five old Colombia fishing vest is worn out – truly a great vest. For my next Twenty-five years on the river, why not try one of Patagonia’s Riverwalker vest – it looks great and it comes clearly with some big and well-placed pockets – I need it in size M. – you can find the vest on Patagonia’s web page –

Dear Santa Claus – I must have a new Backpack for 2010 – please check Simms web site – In Simms outstanding assortment they have a completely waterproof backpack they call Dry Creek – I believe I can storage all my Camera gear and other electronic equipment without any worries in this Plastic backpack – It comes with a smart Roll top buckle closure – really awesome.

A new spool too my trusty 4” Hardy Bougle reel – last time traveling to Umba, the lad who was loading the Aircraft in Copenhagen was as usual tough when handling the luggage. Next morning when I was gearing up for the next two weeks in front of the awesome Umba lodge, I discovered that the spool was squeezed badly and jammed. That in spite the reel has been placed in the middle of my big bag, surrounded by fleece, and other warm clothe for two September weeks in Umba. Thanks God I manage to repair the reel on the spot – Anyway I think a new spool for my gorgeous Bougle reel is needed, as I can’t live without that reel. You can order it here –

Finally I need a new Floating line for my 12 ½ footer – I have heard much good talk about Guidelines line assortment. Please get one that comes with pre made Loops – Please also notice that my rod is for a 8 or 9 line – personally I believe it works best with a weight around 27 – 29 grams. Santa – you can order the line here –

Santa Claus – great if I could get all of it

Yours Sincerely


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