Nick Podolsky – The artistic Umba fishing guide and angler!

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Almost all people who have fished Kola must have heard the name Nick Podolsky – Nick is a living legend, head guide and manager of Umba Lodge. Followed by Nick and you are guaranteed a lot of fishing action.

However – Today Nick is probably more famous for his fantastic carved fish.

Nick Podolsky career started after a visit to Sweden in 1996 where he was introduced to one of Sweden’s finest craftsman in the business. Today Nick Podolsky’s carved masterpieces are world famous, and you can find Nick’s carved fish in famous places like Moscow’s Kremlin and the Royal Swedish palace in Stockholm. If you one day should visit Farlows’s spectacular tackle shop in London, please notice Nick´s many carved fish on the walls.

Nick’s outstanding work is the best souvenir to bring home after a fishing trip to Russia. If you should have a good photo of a trophy fish, Nick will be happy to carve a exactly copy of the fish – You can get in touch with Nick on this address –

Footnote – Next generation of Podolskyes is secured in the best tradition – Nick’s oldest son Daniel Podolsky has been working as Fishing guide in Ponoi river for many years. Besides being a great fishing guide, Daniel is a true artist with a Spey rod


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