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Helsinki – Murmansk (MMK). If you want to use the superior charter flight from Helsinki to Murmansk, each Saturday, than please contact me.

Helsinki – Murmansk timetable for 2010

Charter flight will operate as follows: on successive Saturdays, May 15-September 25:
Depart Helsinki 9:00am, arrive Murmansk 11:55am.

Depart Murmansk 1:05pm, arrive Helsinki 1:55pm.

All times shown above are local.

Please note that passengers should not schedule ongoing flights before 4:00pm departure from Helsinki.

Salmon Junkies representative will meet you in the Airport and arrange the further transport to the camp.

For our Ponoi / Acha river program please notice that we have extended for no extra cost one day – that means you have to use one of the alternative but easy routes through Kirkenes or St. Petersburg / Moscow

For Umba, You will have a option to prolong you stay with one or two days – please drop me a mail for more information

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