Check out some of the most excellent custom made Spey rods and Salmon flies available on the market – “Go Scandi” with ppSalmon in Sweden, and get well turned-out for the upcoming season

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Rod builder and fly tier Pär Palm explains
I’ve been very interested in building the best rods ever for my own use and now when I feel I’m as close as I can get I also offer these rods to other dedicated Fly fishermen. It’s not only the design of the rods and material used that’s the best available, I’m also offering blanks designed to fit each fishing situation. ppCustom
A series of rods designed by myself, built on the very best blanks available. The blanks are made by CTS, based in New Zeeland, and they are one of the best manufactures in the world! One of many unique features on these blanks are a single carbon spiral at the core of the blank preventing it from changing from round to slightly oval shape when under pressure. My idea with this series of rods is to offer a unique opportunity to find the best rod available for each client. To reduce delivery time and make it easier to find the right rod I have selected a few models that has proven to be very good and also many of these models are made specific for me! I have these rods/blanks in just one color each as standard but of course, it’s still possible to have it painted in one of the ten different colors available from CTS. The same goes for the numbers of pieces, most models can be built from 2-6piece.
Please, visit the CTs website and read more about these blanks!

Or visit Pär Palm official web page

You can choose between having the rod equipped as Basic, prices according to the tables, or you can have the rod custom-built and get a rod no one else has. All rods have a 5 year warranty that covers defects in workmanship and materials.

I now have a team of very skilled fishermen using my rods and you can contact them for more info about my rods, maybe meet them and try the rods etc. I also have a range of demo rods myself, available for testing, just contact me for more information.

Unparalleled Scandi flies – A must in the ammunition box for the upcoming season

I’ve been fly-fishing and tying flies since the mid 80’s. I tie my flies according to how I want them to act in the water and because of that I have replaced some material and techniques that are considered classic for new, more functional and stronger materials and techniques. I want my flies to look different depending on if the fish sees it from the front, the side or the back. The flies are usually more colorful at the back.

Each fly is individually custom tied depending on if it’s a bright “high water” or a dark silhouette fly.
To be able to cover most fishing situations I have divided my flies into several different categories, both on tubes and hooks.

Best regards

Pär Palm

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