Billy Butt – Trustworthy ammunition for Umba and Ponoi

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One of the best Salmon flies you can have in your box fishing one of Russia’s amny fantastic river, must be the famous Billy Butt fly created by Christer Sjøberg

The birth of the outstanding fly, took place in the fabulous Umba Lodge in 1998. A memorable season were we where blessed by a fantastic run. During our 20 weeks season we caught nearly 3000 salmon – Biggest salmon that season was a 39Lbs fresh Osenka

For Umba Red Butt, Green Highlander, Billy Butt and Black Sheep must be considered as the classic gang, and they have by far counted for the most salmon landed during the last many years.

Black flies are always deadly and the Red Butt and Billy Butt just happen to be the leading pattern on the Umba. Flies like the Undertaker, Black doctor etc. are closing in, but the good old Red Butt is still roaming on the top.

Scientific experiments have indicated that green and yellow are amongst the most visible colors to salmon. This could be part of the reason why the Green Highlander works so well on the Umba. Another reason could be that the weed in some pools and the tree-lined banks often gives the water a slight green or yellow tone. Matching the tone or color of the water is a well-known and proven trick.

Billy Butt – Dressings:

Tying Silk : Black

Tag : Oval Copper tinsel

Butt hackle: Bright Yellow Hackle

Tail : Fluorescent Red wool

Butt : Fluorescent red wool

Body: Flat copper Tinsel

Rib : oval copper tinsel

Front hackle : Black hackle fibres

Wing : Black Polar fox or other soft hair material

Hook: Loop’s double hook in size 6 – 8

The Umba River is one of those places, where you may lose your soul forever, but you may very well also discover it there.

“Salmon fishing is a mental sport, where you can move from seventh heaven to the valley of despair in a flash second. The experienced salmon angler tries to enjoy the whole game in solid peace – at least in public” Orla Bertran Nilsen from the film “Autumn fishing in Umba”

Hope to meet you out there


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