Umba is back on track with large scale protection programme!

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We hope that both old kola veterans and new guests will consider visiting this pearl of a salmon river next season – a must in every Kola angler’s portfolio. Umba answers everything a salmon angler can ask for and really raises quantity and quality to a higher level.

Many experienced salmon fishermen, who have fished on the Kola peninsula and its plethora of fantastic rivers, claim that Umba beats everything in terms of beauty, superb accommodation and – of course and not least – the dramatic and enjoyable fishing in the most breathtaking surroundings. To swing a fly through Umba‘s gin clear waters is almost a surreal experience ranking amongst the most exciting moments in Russian Salmon Fishing.

We are very pleased to announce that the Umba River on the south side of the Kola Peninsula is showing clear signs of a very strong comeback. Our Russian partner in Umba has signed up with a conservation plan with Salmonjunkies, Department of Fishing Protection in Murmansk and with police department in Murmansk which includes specific initiatives with a strong and multi facetted management of this magnificent river. All of this clearly  pulls in the right “FLY-FISHING DIRECTION”!

Below you will find the action plan of this agreement:

  1. 3 Groups, 2 person in each ( 1 fish inspector and 1 guard ) 24-hours duty on river at period from May till October per year.
    –     1-st group will be guard mouth  of Umba river
    ( Down stream region from White sea till Umba village )
    –     2-nd group will be guard upper Umba river till lake poncho (Krivetz region)
    –     3-rd group will will be in POGOST lodge and will be guard Middle Umba, in case of need this group will assist 1-st or 2-nd groups.

    This groups will be supply by boats with good engine and patrol UAZ cars and other equipment for protection work on UMBA river. There will be built 2 wood houses, as “guard house”
    – one in mouth of Umba river
    – one in Krivetz

  2. According agreement with department of Fishing Protection in Murmansk Region Patrol vessel from Murmansk with fishing inspectors will be duty  May-June and September-October in White sea near UMBA river gate.
  3. According agreement with Police Department in Murmansk Region a few policemen from special Detachment will help us in protection UMBA river during fishing season.
  4. On the road at the entrance to the UMBA village will be found fishing shop “UMBA Smoking House” with two selling department:-1st for selling different kind of fish and especially salmon, frozen, hot and cold smoking-2nd for selling fly fishing-tackles, wear, other fishing accessories and equipment. All goods in that shop will have labels with slogan about conservation and protection Atlantic Salmon in UMBA river. One aim of this action is reduction sales of illegal catching salmon in Umba village region, another part of profit from sales in that shop will be send for protection actions on UMBA river.
  5. By the instrumentality of NASCO we will start scientific work by conservation and increasing the number of Atlantic Salmon in UMBA river.

We feel confident that this action plan will improve the valuable Umba resouce and especially our opportunity to offer one of the most interesting, challenging and maybe the cheapest salmon programs on the Kola Peninsula.

At Salmon junkies we also see this as an opportunity to show our environmental concern and responsibility in Russia – Umba will be our conservation project and our “repayment” for all the outstanding moments Umba river has given not only me, but also thousands of other dedicated salmon anglers. We do of course hope that you will  support our commitment in order to protect this incomparable and unique ecosystem.

We are proud to announce this cooperation with Vshody Communizma ( FCFVC ), the salmon fishing agent on UMBA river. We hope with this that Umba is now back on track which 2009 certainly demonstrated.

Steffen Juhl

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