Trustworthy ammunition for the Russia Salmon.

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All rivers have their favourites and Ponoi and Kola River is no exception. That said though it must be added that – According to the rules and regulations your flies can be tied on either single or double hook.

Some of the hot patterns on the present list are.
Red But
Black Sheep
Billy But
Green Highlander
Blue Steel.
Silver Doctor
G. P.
Ally’s Shrimp
Thunder & Lightning
Blue Charm
Willie Gunn
Hairy Mary
The Under Taker
The Cascade
Sunray Shadow – 2” – 6”

Temple Dog flies is very worthwhile

Other great flies for the Kola Peninsula is the Icelandic Snaeldas brass tubes in various colours ( they are deadly !!) and for the summer water the hitch tubes and long wing version of Black and Blue , Collie Dog , Stoats Tail and Black Sheep.
Recommendation towards sizes would be in direction of: 2 – 4 and regular tubes in size 1” to 2” in May – June moving to 6 – 8 smaller tubes. Late June early July and further down to 10 and smaller in summer with the addition of bigger dry flies and Hitch flies.

The camp will of course have the right ”ammunition” for sale and there will be hooks, materials and vices available in the camp fly tying corner so that you can fashion a killer pattern on the spot.

Good luck and tight lines


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