Hairy Butt / A safe Salmon fly.

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Hairy Butt is one of my Kola favourite and it was born during the first years we where fishing in this Salmon heaven. The fly is a conglomeration of proven attractors found in some of the most well-known salmon flies. The Hairy Mary and Red Butt are the main role-models, and an extra layer of yellow is thrown into the wing for god measure. Hairy Butt is very often the guide’s first choice and it will normally work under the most extreme conditions. It has the ability to trigger of the fresh fish and at the same time the power to make some of the ‘gray backs’ do foolish things. If it makes any sense to talk about “Big fish – flies”, Hairy Butt is definitely one of them. It works both in fast and slow water and you can fish it dead still with a big swing and no twitching of the rod, only retrieving steadily in the slowest pools.

Remember to throw some Hairy Butt into you fly box no matter what Salmon river you are going to hammer on Kola.

Sincerely – Steffen Juhl

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The right Salmon “ammunition” for Russian Salmon

Beyond question one of the most popular flies for “Kola Salmon” has to be the indisputable productive RED BUT. On a double hook in Size 2 – 12 to long wing Tub fly = 1” to 1 ½” Red But is one of the reliable flies you can fasten to you leader tip.

There are many versions “cooked” over the topic and precisely how a RED BUT should look like is not worth to portray in this forum – However I will bring the pattern I have used for many years.

Hereby how RED BUT should be according my experience.

Hook: double size 2 – 12.
But: Hot Red Floss
Body: Black Floss or wool.
Ribbing: Silver tinsel.
Wing: Black Polar Fox a bit longer than the hook.
Hackle: Black fowl tied as a collar in front of the wing

So Dear fellow anglers – no matter what Salmon River on the Kola Peninsular you are going to “hammer” next season, you have to bring a “Bunch” of  RED BUT’S in various sizes.

Roughly estimated 10.000 Salmon have been caught on RED BUT in the Kola camps I have been managing since 1994.

Tight lines

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