Ponoi – Probably the best salmon river in the world!

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Ponoi river – Probably the best salmon river in the world
A true adventure and definitely the onset of a lifelong memory. Ponoi River is one of the most productive salmon rivers on earth, and you will have to search very hard to find such a unique and unspoiled salmon stock. Ponoi offers the best of two worlds. A wonderful combination of great numbers of salmon with attractive sizes up to 18 – 25 lbs. The fishing at Acha camp is very reliable and in June/July Acha camp will produce around 2,500 – 2,800 Salmon,. Ponoi is very consistent throughout its long fishing season, where almost all other Kola rivers have a very narrow prime-time window. We guarantee that you won’t leave Ponoi without a double numbers of salmon under the belt – Ponoi will feed your wildest dreams and never let you down.

Ponoi – Wild Atlantic salmon – Strong and powerful fights from early morning to late evening. The place is Kola Peninsula in Russia. The Ponoi River is considered as one of the most prolific salmon rivers of salmon anglers, who are strongly addicted to challenging salmon in the most breathtaking scenery. Follow Steffen Juhl on this electrifying adventure full of fishing action. A very exhilarating and informative film for the dedicated salmon angler who daydreams about new frontiers.