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Everyone travelling to Russia is responsible for obtaining their own visa.

Please notice that regulations require that you can only do so within three months of the start of your Russian holiday.

The Russian Embassy will stamp the Visa direct into your passport and we feel it is both safer and more convenient for everyone that you send the paper to one of the many specialist travel companies in your country that deals with this.

If for any reason you have problems with your invitation paper or visa, please do not hesitate to contact us immediately.

The normal time to get a Visa is 7 working days plus mail, which means approx. 2 weeks.


After receiving your booking form correctly completed and signed we will send the special Russian invitation that is needed to get the Visa.

For the 2010 season SALMON JUNKIES will start the invitation process in the l month April.

To process your Visa application it must be sent to a consulate or local visa agent: We strongly advice you to contact one of the many specialist travel company in your country that deal with this.

You will need following

1 – Russian Invitation (You will receive an invitation from us in April month)

2 – Questionnaire form to be filled out and signed at the bottom – This questionnaire can vary from country to country, so please contact your local Russian consulate or visa support for further information – Today you can download this Questionnaire from your local consulate or travel agency web page

3 – Your Passport

4 – Four Passport photos (with some Embassies it is enough with two)

The Russian Visa Application form will require you to confirm that you have both travel insurance and medical evacuation cover valid in Russia.

Please double-check your passport and visa in plenty of time before departure from your home country. Remember a passport must be valid for six months after date of planned departure from Russia. Your visa must have your name exactly as it is written in your passport and the dates in your visa must cover your entire visit to Russia. If these details are not correct you could be refused entry into Russia

Travelling to Murmansk

Helsinki – Murmansk (MMK). If you want to use the charter flight from Helsinki to Murmansk, each Saturday, than please contact us and ask for our electronic booking form. As soon we receive the form from you, we will do a reservation for you. We will know all 2010 details, price and time schedule after 1st January.

Saint Petersburg – Murmansk – for info and booking contact –
You arrive Friday evening Murmansk (MMK.) – You have to stay one night in Murmansk (We recommend Hotel Meridian. Saturday morning you take a Taxi back to MMK. Airport. You have to be at the MMK. Airport not later than 11.00 Am.
Salmon Junkies representative will meet you in the Airport and arrange the further transport to the camp

Moscow – Murmansk – The same process as above – for info and booking contact –

Oslo – Kirkenes – MMK. – Bus from Kirkenes to MMK. The same process as above – for info and booking contact – Bus from Kirkenes to Murmansk contact

Please keep our office aware of you travelling route to Murmansk – Thanks

We will of course keep you updated regarding the exactly time table for 2010 as soon we get them

Notice: Fishing Umba, you have a chance to extend you fishing trip with some extra days for a smaller extra cost. The travel to Umba will be in a comfortable bus departing Murmansk every Saturday morning 11.30 Am. If you of some reason arrive Murmansk earlier or later we can easily arrange a private transport for you – Please inform us

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