What to expect from Ponoi

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What to expect from Ponoi

You can’t catch them all. Just minimize the losses and believe in your destiny – That is Salmon fishing
Some salmon are just poorly hooked – and no praises, money, wisdom or power will save you.
In a split second success can change to failure and the duel is finished. No matter how much time and effort you have spend in the search for a taking salmon, the game can finish as soon as it started – You need to learn that in order to accept and then – start from scratch.

And remember – Salmon fishing is a highly mental sport, where you in a flash second may go from a state of euphoria and descend into deep despair.

We have guests, who have caught more than one hundred salmon in one week fishing on the Ponoi, when conditions were perfect. But the unpredictable tundra weather can mean a 30 – 50 fish difference or more from one week to another, when optimal conditions recede.  This is one of the cool facts that go with fishing in the Arctic North.

Salmon angling can in sometimes be strenuous and a hard piece of work. But make no mistakes about it.
It is a wonderful feeling to have, when your equipment and you body merge into harmony and perfect cooperation. To feel the fly line loading on a long fly rod is a blast itself. Cast after cast “looping” out over a classic pool full of salmon can become strongly addictive – almost a sport in itself.


It takes imagination and understanding to fish a fly you can not see – and along all salmon rivers there are periods, where the salmon simply will not take the fly, but just arrogantly ignores all attempts to lure him. That is part of the game and it will always and definitely test your patience.

Ponoi is very consistent throughout its long fishing season – many other Kola rivers have a very narrow prime-time window – But NOT so for the Ponoi. No pollution at all – the water is clean and there is no mining or deforestation in the area.
The Ponoi River at Acha Camp is an easy river to handle physically, thus allowing you to direct your energy towards the fishing rather than getting to or from your fishing spots. No matter whether you are a fit youngster or an “old hardcore salmon angler”, who has put in his fishing hours – Ponoi will feed your wildest dreams and never let you down.


The character of the watershed and its origin provides effective fishing through virtually any weather or water-level condition.

Ponoi offers the best of two worlds; a wonderful combination of great numbers of salmon with attractive sizes up to 18 – 24 lbs. In addition to liberal hours of guided fishing each day, there is unlimited productive fishing right at your doorstep at the Junction Home pool – probably the best and most productive pool in the entire Ponoi system – or why not some hot action in Ponoi best tributary – the small and very productive Acha River, which almost literately runs through the Acha camp.

The comforts of the cosy Acha Camp; the comfortable wooden huts with electrically and wood heated stove, and a relaxed and warm camp atmosphere, provides a welcome respite each day you are there – Better accommodation is impossible to find on Ponoi

The aesthetics of the fishing – fish as you prefer, whether wading and casting from the bank casting or fish from a boat.

This combination of methods accommodates weather variables, different water levels, and your ability to cast or wade.

A Reliable satellite telephone is of course available.

A really fortunate and lucky man is one who casts his fly over the mighty Ponoi River, swings it across and waits for the magical pull on his line – in this exact place he is bound to find the coveted gold treasure, which will fulfil many of his dreams and yearnings – Well come to Ponoi and Acha camp

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