What to expect from Umba

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Demanding Salmon chasing for the experienced and fit Salmon angler – The golden mix; Low-priced and great Salmon fishing in the most gorgeous surroundings.

Each part of the season has its magic along this wonderful forest river on the sunny side of Kola. And silver-dressed salmon lies in its many demanding pools from early May until the end of October.

Steffen has spent almost half of all his years in Russia along this magnificent river – and judging from other Salmon anglers around the world Umba represent everything a salmon angler dreams about – Here you will find everything from dreamy pocket sections and unmerciful rapids to wide and deep holding pools. And the accommodation is probably one of the best. This answers everything a Salmon angler can ask for and really raises quantity and quality to a higher level. Few Salmon Rivers on the Kola have affected Salmon anglers from all over the world like the Umba. Since the beginning when the first pioneers fished this astonishing river, Umba has symbolized Russian Salmon fishing with all its fascinating elements, and Umba is one of the few rivers holding a real good and fishable run of autumn salmon (Osenka salmon).

Umba is a unique place and to watch life unfold in the small community of Pogorst when you are fishing Home Pool, takes you into another world – back to your great-grandfather’s life when everything was simpler.Umba is an ideal choice if you don’t like to travel by helicopter (that is also why we can offer a exceptional pricing for this program) – the five hour bus drive from Murmansk down to Umba will give you insight into and an interesting picture of the Kola Peninsula. In some respect it is like a trip back through time, and it will provide you with a special frame for your fishing trip. Umba fishing is a golden mix of size and numbers. This is the place, where you have a fair chance of catching 20 salmon and at the same time run into a 20+ pounder or even a thirty or forty pounder. Our beats are divided into very different sections around the lodge. You have at beautiful gentle part of the river with classic tails and gliding pools. 15 minutes boat ride and 20 minutes walking upstream you will find the wild Krivetz stretch with fast water and classic pools – one of the finest salmon surroundings on the Kola Peninsula.


Few people leave Umba without a wish to return for more river action.

From May to the end of October – Umba will fulfill your wildest salmon dreams. Superb natural surroundings, an exquisite lodge and wild, fresh salmon in one of the longest seasons in the salmon fishing world. Here in Umba you will have direct access to the wonderful sport of salmon fishing – you will know what it feels like to lose salmon and catch more…

Unless you choose to fish exclusively from a boat, which can be very efficient, Umba is by no means a beginner’s river. Wading is at times very difficult and you need to be prepared for long (and scenic) walks, if you wish to fish the Krivetz. Consider bringing a wading staff, if you prefer fishing from the bank. But the challenge will leave you even more satisfied and proud of yourself, when you hook and land a silver “bulldog” from these remote and awesome pools!Umba river – you may discover your soul here and at the same time lose it forever!

The Umba Lodge.

The lodge at the Umba river is newly built (2000) and is as a top luxury fishing lodge. Comfortable double rooms with private bathroom and a large veranda, where you can overlook the river and there is a brand new and very comfortable was built in 2006. Great staff, friendly service and excellent food.

In September the life giving polar summer is ending – the intense and hectic summer days in Umba are over.

After dinner it is time for some inspiring fly tying  in the fly bar  –  other guests prefer ‘the other bar’ to share the day’s events between each other in front of the big fireplace.

A narrow hallway leads to the guests’ warm and cosy rooms. There is reasonable good mobile telephone connection around the lodge.

You have you own bathroom, and all rooms are special designed to store all the stuff and tackle a salmon anglers always carries around. Outside on the veranda you can hang your wet clothes and waders – and from the rooms you can watch the salmon jumping in the awesome Home Pool.

It is a very unique experience to stay in the incomparable Umba Lodge – probably the most astonishing lodge on the entire Peninsula.

Like a small palace in the wilderness – just the right place to leave part of your soul and heart.

In Umba you can manage to become a real salmon angler in just one week, lose several salmon and catch even more.

You will accomplish the committed Salmon angler’s wildest dreams.

The Umba River is one of those places, where you may lose your soul forever, but you may very well also discover it there.

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