What is a Salmon Junky

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”You must have hooked many salmon, lost some and landed far more, before you can call yourself a “salmon angler – BUT the take from just one Salmon – has the power to hook you for life”!

That is what the famous Danish painter, writer and fly fisherman, Svend Saabye wrote in his masterpiece of a book “Angler’s life” and Svend really mastered to grab the essentials in salmon angling with these few words.

To catch a big fresh salmon – preferably on a self-made fly – must be considered among the most rewarding achievements in the angling world. Moments like these are precious and unforgettable.

And if you do it in unspoiled wilderness along a world-class Russian salmon river – Let’s just say: “You’ll be more hooked than the fish”

Many of today’s anglers have very understandably lost their heart and soul to Russian Salmon fishing on the Kola Peninsula. Once you have fished one of these magnificent rivers, you are deeply hooked. It’s like turning back the clock hundreds of years. Back to the time when our grandfathers were swinging a big wooden rod over thousands of Salmon.

Good Salmon fishing has always been an expensive game, but we at Salmon Junkies have tried hard to redefine the concept and our profile in this “game”. We hope that you will browse through our web pages and find valuable inspiration for your dreams and wishes. – With Salmon Junkies you are just a short Spey cast away from the “Golden pool”, where the mighty Atlantic salmon may grab your fly any second as it swims across an enticing pool.

Fly-fishing for salmon may seem like hard work at times – but even in the toughest conditions, it never really feels like work. It is more like a kind of meditation or music – playing your instrument and drawing notes with the line. The feeling of a loaded fly line going where it’s supposed to – is a blast itself. Cast after cast, “Looping” over a classic salmon water – peace of mind and very addictive! – That is why a true Salmon Junky is more “hooked” than the fish.

Welcome to the Salmon Junkies society

Kindest regards

Steffen Juhl

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